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The teams are functioning with enhanced effectiveness in meeting customers' needs.

Case Studies

Case Studies

Case 3: Building Bridges Between Sales Management & Another Major Functional Division

Client Situation:

Leadership at a Fortune 100 company identified an opportunity to create a more collaborative environment between two functional areas. Senior management for the 2 functions shared a common vision and worked well as a team, so they wanted to instill that vision and willingness to collaborate among all levels of their organizations. They had already begun to model this partnering behavior and had collaborated during meetings.


Cooke Consulting Group facilitated the process by designing a model that helped people see others as valuable and worthy of respect, and truly members of the same team. Working in small groups, they learned more about each others' work styles and communication preferences and developed regional team strategies and overall agreements for working together collaboratively in the future. We solicited feedback on a draft 360-degree feedback form and finalized it. Finally, we clarified the feedback process and each person's role so everyone would understand what to expect going forward.


The teams are functioning with enhanced effectiveness in meeting customers' needs. They now develop regional strategies in a coordinated fashion and understand the importance of communicating and sharing best practices. Management credits this model with having a significant positive impact on their effectiveness. Having unleashed the potential for these teams, they are now strategizing how best to continue this effort with the rest of their organizations.

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