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Executive Coaching

More and more, coaching is being identified by executives as a powerful mechanism to give them a genuine competitive advantage by unleashing potential for themselves and their organizations.

Services: Executive Coaching

Services: Executive Coaching

Cooke Consulting Group partners with executives to unleash their potential. This results in increased productivity (tangible results), increased emotional intelligence, professional development, and enhanced quality-of-life for our clients. We accomplish this by actively listening, providing objective observations, and both encouraging and challenging the executive.

The goal of one-to-one executive coaching is to help the executive be more successful by:

  • Developing clarity regarding strengths and areas for potential development
  • Enhancing leadership, partnership, and interpersonal skills
  • Strategically assessing what to focus on in terms of individual development as well as development of his or her team.

A coaching relationship is built upon mutual trust and respect. We maintain the integrity of the relationship through a commitment of strict confidentiality.

Customized Executive Coaching Approach

Our approach to executive coaching is customized to each individual executive and typically includes 4 phases:

Phase 1 - Committing to the Work

Establishing the coaching relationship, assessing the current situation, and agreeing on preliminary coaching objectives.

Phase 2 - Gathering Insights from Others

Identifying key stakeholders who can provide meaningful feedback (by utilizing the Emotional Competence Inventory (ECI) or your own organization's 360 feedback instrument and/or conducting interviews with key individuals); analyzing data gathered; finalizing coaching objectives in light of this input.

Phase 3 - Coaching for Results

Developing a coaching action plan with clear behavioral outcomes; actively engaging in ongoing coaching sessions, including completing assignments as agreed upon; taking action and achieving results; soliciting feedback from individuals who were contacted during Phase 2 to gauge interim success.

Phase 4 - Sustained Learnings

Developing follow-up plans to sustain positive changes, foster ongoing growth and development; and evaluate the impact and success of coaching program.

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