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"Never doubt the capacity of the people you lead to accomplish whatever you dream for them."

-Benjamin Zander

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Cooke Consulting Group specializes in team development. This includes bringing newly-created teams together, enhancing dynamics and results for teams that are already productive, or creating a more cohesive work setting for teams which are clearly struggling. Many of the teams we work with are multi-national or global in terms of team membership and the customers they serve.

Our firm belief is that individuals want to contribute and do great work. In many cases, there are opportunities to provide additional clarity and create “space” for individuals to know each other better, which will result in a deeper commitment to the team’s overarching goals. For this work, an external perspective may be key to identifying and addressing the areas of opportunity.

Our initiatives in this area vary greatly based on each team’s needs and may include crafting a shared team vision, identifying and debriefing on style/ temperament/ problem solving differences and how those differences can work to the team’s advantage, coaching the team to draw out their best thinking on important business issues, celebrating recent accomplishments, and clarifying agreements for future team functioning. Our overall belief is that these activities should be interactive, closely tie to the team’s “real” business, and also be fun. Much of this work is held indoors, but some activities succeed by getting the team outside of a meeting room and into the outdoors.

The “bottom line” is that a team will end up having a clear sense of what will be different going forward and what they are committing to which will allow them to achieve their strategic goals.

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